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A natural way of approaching a new market is to make one step at a time. In this situation most companies have a need of a combination of information and contact. SVEA KANAL offer your company just that.

Here you have a document that might help you to specify you initial needs of support. Send us a request for an offer, based on the step approach, and we will do our best to support your activity. STEP-APPROACH


Partner, Actor & Eye describes our way of working. The concept has been developed to visualize practical aspects that business consulting can include. The aim is that SVEA KANAL can do the things that you can not do. The step approach is what is identified in the Actor concept, below.


In those cases you want to establish business in west Balkan and you for strategic reasons or because you lack the proper base, find it advantageous to do joint actions. If SVEA KANAL identify the potential of the activity, then we are able to share interest in a partnership.

Partnership activities may consist of:

3pixlar Act as an agent
3pixlar Start up production
3pixlar Manage business on site
3pixlar Share our network

When we have common intrests – lets work together!


If you wish to establish business on the west Balkan market, SVEA KANAL has got the ability to act and practically perform initial tasks in the start-up processes.

For example, these processes might be:

3pixlar Administrate the establishment
3pixlar Perform competition analysis
3pixlar Administrate visa procedures
3pixlar Prepare your visit and schedule meetings
3pixlar Mediate contacts to service minded and English speaking services
3pixlar Perform initial market research
3pixlar Perform initial market penetration
3pixlar Channel analysis (distribution, marketing, sales etc.)
3pixlar Find relevant companies for partnership
3pixlar Employ personnel
3pixlar Optimize and valuate geographical localisation, search for facilities

prepare your entrance on a new market – let us act for you!


When you have established activity in Croatia or if you have suppliers or agents here, then SVEA KANAL may be the wide eye and put on the part as controller and inspector.

For example:
3pixlar Control and evaluate management
3pixlar Perform quality checks
3pixlar Inspect a product before shipment
3pixlar Perform "on time" checks for production
3pixlar Supervice installations
3pixlar Control processes and way of working

Insight and onsite surveillance ‐ let us keep an eye on your interests!

SVEA KANAL, Matice Dalmatinske 6, HR-23 000 Zadar, Phone/fax: +385 23 315957, Mail: