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SVEA KANAL is representing a few Scandinavian companies in west Balkan region. These companies has got innovative technique for energy efficient procuts and systems. Thru long term engagement we wish to build strong and lasting relations as well as building solid knowledge about the sectors and their development. SVEA KANAL is open for suggestion about new representations and agencies.


For nearly tree years we have built and nurished a quailitative database in the region. The contacts made can be devides into two main plattforms:
3pixlar Land – industries, power plants, refineries etc.
3pixlar Marine – ship yards, ship projectants, ship owners

Mainly relations are created with technical manager, maintenance manager and plant manager.

Thermal power plants

In the region there are mainly coal and oil fuel power plants. The coal used is locally mined lignite and the oil is classified as mazut. Initially power plants were the primary target for SVEA KANAL and therefore connections are well established. There are approximately 20 plants in the range 100 600 MW. Privatization is on going with great interest from Russia and the Czech Republic.

District heating

In Croatia co-generation plants are limited in use but many are being projected. District heating has got a long history in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the war the facilities are in poor condition and far from all are in operation, most of them run on mazut. Therefore focus is put on modernization of theses existing plants. We have 25 companies in our network, where some of them consist of 10-15 plants.


There is one oil consortium per country and each consortium has got 2-4 refineries, in general. We have well established contacts in investments and process maintenance. Privatization is initiated and partly completed.

Wood industry

Saw mills, parquet and furniture manufacturers are the most common actors in this segment. SVEA KANAL has got more than 60 companies in our network. For natural reasons these are geographically located in Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia as well as north east part of Croatia.

Additional industry

Included are paper and pulp, steel, aluminum, cement, breweries, chemical process industry as well as production of textile and food. Gas is a common fuel in the regions along the pipelines. Apart from gas is mazut the second most common fuel. In general the industries are focusing on modernization of facilities in order to obtain production efficiency as well as increased quality of the products. Production is supplying a growing local market as well as a growing export demand.

Boiler producers

Local boiler producers possess a good reputation and many of them has got growing export, ranging from serial production of 30 000 units/year to tailor maid larger boilers up to 600 MW. The data base consists of 14 boiler producers. Their strongest focus and increased interest is in adaptation to bio fuel and waste incineration.

Projecting offices

Projecting companies in the region are experiencing intense work load, partly due to adaptation of incentives causing a shift in usage of fuel and also the expanding awareness of benefits of co-generation and district heating. SVEA KANAL has got around 40 construction and projecting companies in our network.

Marine Industry

Within this sector we cluster shipyards, ship owners, ship management companies, marine boiler producers, project bureaus as well as companies specialized in supporting maintenance and new buildings. Activity is largely concentrated to Croatian coast with some support from Montenegro. Croatia has got 7 large shipyards, 12 classified as middle size and 42 small shipyards. Croatia is proud over its long tradition of shipbuilding, main production is bulk vessels. Approximately 70 vessels per year are exported. Swedish Marinvest Shipping AB has contracted 10 sister vessels from Brodosplit.

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