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Our ambition is to be the natural business channel for small and middle sized companies operating in Scandinavia or in the west Balkans - who wish to approach the opposite/other market. Svea Kanal channel business activites between these regions.

SVEA KANAL is a Croatian company established in 2005 by Swedes. Thanks to a common language base in the west Balkan in combination with extensive travelling in the region the network thru out the west Balkan is strong.

The company activity builds on two main platforms – Business consulting and Agency. Use our knowledge and experience to serve the aims and goals of your company activity.

Business Consulting

SVEA KANAL can support your company when there is an interest to approach the opposite region. It is your demands and needs that are the fundamentals of our consulting but for example we can offer support in the following areas of expertise:
3pixlar Market research for services and products
3pixlar Manufacturing
3pixlar Match making
3pixlar Establishment on a new market, administrative and practical
3pixlar Market activities seminars, work shops, media strategies
3pixlar Administrative support, book keeping, customs, employment procedures etc.

As we work in both directions, from Scandinavia to west Balkan and from west Balkan to Scandinavia we can benefit from synergies in for example logistics and common goals.


SVEA KANAL is agent for Scandinavian innovative technology in field of energy efficiency. We have identified this as an interesting niche as it is in line with the long term common global goal for sustainability. Scandinavian technology as such is considered as keeping high standards. The techniques SVEA KANAL represents are aimed at maintenance, emissions, heat recovery etc. at industry boilers. For example district heating, cogeneration, electricity, refineries and wood industry.

In the west Balkan lignite coal is the main source of thermal energy and the reserves will last at least 40 years. The fossil fuel boilers will have to be optimized in order to compel with the new standards. Bio fuel boilers are projected in greater extent and mainly opted for cogeneration.