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Infrafone has installed over 800 Sonic Cleaners world wide and they have over 20 years of experience in the field of sonic cleaning. There are two main markets:
Land market typically consist of oil refineries, power stations, paper mills, steel mills Marine market typically consist of merchandise vessels, passenger vessels and yachts.

benefits with Infrafone Sonic Cleaning

3pixlar    Replaces regular water washing and steam soot blowers
3pixlar    Increases the availability and efficiency of boilers
3pixlar    Increases the life time of boilers and heat surfaces
3pixlar    Helps prevent soot fires
3pixlar    Keeps passenger vessel decks free from soot
3pixlar    Reduces the smoke peak density

Soot deposits in boilers, economisers, air pre-heaters or exhausting equipment often result in reduction of heat exchange and increased pressure draft. Unexpected soot deposits in precipitators often reduces precipitator performance.
The Infrafone Soot Cleaning system does the job of multiple traditional steam soot blowers and is an effective and non-destructive solution. The accumulation of soot, ash and dust will be extremely reduced or eliminated.

Targeted land applications

3pixlar    Boilers (Superheaters and Economizers)
3pixlar    Air Pre–Heaters
3pixlar    Electrical Precipitators
3pixlar    Catalysts
3pixlar    Exhaust Gas Ducts
3pixlar    Fans

For extensive information, reference installation and cases visit Infrafone website or contact us.

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