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OKR cleaning is a danish company who developed and market a system called Aerovit, with the purpose of keeping boilers clean.

What is Aerovit?
An installation for removing soot using compressed air.

How does it work?
Approx. 450 litres of compressed air is blasted, for a fraction of a second, through a valve into the boiler.

What does it mean?
Continuous and effective removal of all deposits and build-up in boilers and heat exchangers.

What is the advantage?
Continuous cleaning of boilers results in a demonstrable increase in efficiency.

What do you avoid?
Numerous shutdowns for cleaning.

What do you achieve?
3pixlar Reduced fuel consumption per MW output.
3pixlar No mechanical wear to the heat exchanging surface.
3pixlar Reduced consumption of cleaning brushes and reduced wear on cleaning equipment.

Why use Aerovit?
3pixlar Simple and adaptable installation ensures that all parts of the convection area is kept clean.
3pixlar The cleaning cycle is controlled automatically according to your own needs.
3pixlar Robust design due to few moveable parts.
3pixlar Very low running costs.

For references and case presentations contact us or visit OKR webpage.

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