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SVEA KANAL har utfört flertalet uppdrag inom varierande områden. Om ni överväger att arbeta med SVEA KANAL kan ni lyssna till våra kunder och partners...

Centrometal d.o.o.

Centrometal Suemax

Svea Kanal d.o.o. got the mission from Centrometal d.o.o., a Croatian manufacturer of boilers for villas and small industries, to find an agent/wholesaler in Sweden in order to expand their export to the Scandinavian market. –“Svea Kanal d.o.o. has performed a rapid service finding a wholesaler in Sweden. We are very pleased with the selection of the Swedish representative and it matches our needs very well. In less than 50 days from the mission was handed over to Svea Kanal, the first order was placed by Suemax AB in Sweden.” Mladen Renato–Martinec, sales and marketing manager Centrometal d.o.o.



Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has the intention to make globalisation a topic in daily life. Personal opinions, knowledge and readiness are as well as the prerequisites of business climate, dependent upon whether or not the possibilities of globalisation can be caught. We need to think and act "globally-locally", at the same time. In order to understand this powers of change the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has the believe that you have to experience this environment. Therefore are they arranging trips for 200 teachers to ten capitals in Europe, with the aim for the teachers to understand the effect of globalisation. For the group who are travelling to Zagreb they are arranged to meet with Ericsson Nicole Tesla d.o.o and the founders of company Svea Kanal d.o.o. Linda Hedström, SvensktnÄringsliv

Scanjack AB


Svea Kanal d.o.o. have for six months been managing the Croatian de-mining company Scanjack d.o.o. on behalf of the Swedish owners, Scanjack AB. – “It is very hard to have a good distance management of a foreign company, and it has been a great relief to have Svea Kanal as an Actor and an Eye, in order to receive updates, reports and signals of the ongoing business as well as a base for my strategic decisions” Ola Modigs, CEO Scanjack AB.

Infrafone AB


Svea Kanal d.o.o. is the representative of Infrafone in the Balkan region. The responsibility is marketing and sales of innovative infrasound cleaning devises for power plants, refineries, merchant and passenger vessels. –“ Svea Kanal has in a very short period of time introduced our products and services on a market of great interest for us. From the great interest displayed by the market as well as the high number of quotations we see that the performance from Svea Kanal very well meet our demands on our agents.” Anders Lindmark, Sales and marketing manager Infrafone AB.

SRE – Svensk Rökgas Energi AB


Svea Kanal d.o.o. is the agent of SRE in the Balkan region, where marketing and sales is provided by Svea Kanal in order to expand SRE products on the central European market. SRE has designed and developed various applications for raising the efficiency in biofuel boilers and cleaning of fluegases. SRE is the leading provider in this field with 20 installations last year in the nordic region and the baltic states. –“We believe there is a great potential in some of the regions of the Balkan states. Svea Kanal has the right knowledge and network to target and reach out to our market and customers.” Per Egeberg, CEO SRE AB.

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